페이지 정보

AO2000 Series 조회 34


  • Model / Manufacture
    AO2020 Series / ABB
  • Priciple
    IR, UV, FID, TCD, Laser, Paramagnetic, Electrochemical, Zr etc
  • Range
    ppb ~ 100%


▷ Measurement made easy
▷ Modular continuous gas analyzers

- One central unit and various analyzer modules
- Common controls, common connection technology,common system housing
- Analyzer modules with different measurement principles for all process and emissions monitoring applications
- Multiple analyzer systems with up to four analyzer modules handling a total of six sample components
- Extensive automatic calibration with air or integral calibration cells eliminating the need for test gas cylinders
- “Safety Concept” for measuring flammable gases in Zone 2 and for measuring corrosive and toxic gases.
- Simultaneous digital and analog display of measured values on a large graphics panel
- Menu-driven operator interface
- Clear-text status messages
- Multiple interfaces for communication with host and associated systems
- Flexibly configurable analog and digital inputs and outputs on various input/output modules
- Optional integrated pneumatics module

- ​Housing design for 19-inch rack mounting (Model AO2020) or wall mounting (Model AO2040)
- Modular design for ease of service
- Self-monitoring function indicates when maintenance is required