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MP (HS-AAE-MPP) 조회 477


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    Magnet Power PCB
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    이 PCB는 PDU에서 최대 10A로 28V DC 전원을 공급.
    마그넷 컨트롤러는 일정한 간격으로 제로 필드 재 배열을 수행하고 이러한 재정렬주기는 소프트웨어에서 설정.


【 Power and analogue signals to the magnet controller.
The Two way diagnostic connector can be used to drive a volt meter to show the current flowing through the magnet coils. The O/P is 1V per Amp through the coils. It is fed by a 28V feed at up to 10A from the PDU. This also carries an AC signal which allows the magnet controller to synchronise its measurements to the mains frequency in order to improve the field settling accuracy.