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PSU (HS-AAE-PSU) 조회 846


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    Switch Mode Power Supply Unit
  • Description
    Prima Pro에 장착되며 PDU에 DC 주 전압을 공급 하는장치.
    이 장치가 완전히 부품간에 절연이 되어있기 때문에 고장이 나면 수리가 불가하며 새로운 장치로 교체되어야 한다.


The Switch Mode Power Supply is located behind the Power Distribution PCB.

To gain access to the Switch Mode Power Supply the complete electronics module must be removed from the lower chassis.

Note: There are no user serviceable components in this unit so access will only be necessary in the event of total failure.

The instrument must be completed isolated from the mains supply before attempting to remove the Switch mode power supply.

It is powered from the mains supply via the Power Distribution Card and provides power supplies to the Power Distribution Card as follows: 5V power, three outputs of 24V power (for the turbomolecular pump, ASU and Opto 22), 28V power for the magnet and 14V power for the capillary heater.