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VIC (HS-AAE-VIC250E) 조회 797


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    VOD Inlet System Controller (MKS 250E)
  • Description
    - VOD/RH 진공 가변 공정에 적용되는 질량분석기에 장착되며 대기압에서 0.1 mbar 까지 변하는 압력에 대해서 질량 분석기의 VOD Inlet system의 Control Valve들을 자동으로 제어하여 Ion Source로 들어가는 압력과 유량을 일정하게 유지하며 설정 압력점에 비례해서 자동으로 Valve들을 제어하는 장치.
    -공정에 적용되는PID 설정값 및 변수 입력은 당사로 문의 바람.


- The VOD inlet system is designed to sample the gases from the waste gas duct in a VOD process.  The main purpose of the inlet is to supply a fixed pressure of sample gas to the mass spectrometer ion source as the sample pressure varies during a process heat (1000 mbar – 0.3mbar).

 - The gas sample supplied to the inlet system must be filtered and free from other contaminants such as liquids. This gas preparation system is not part of the inlet system and is not described here.

 - The inlet also controls the introduction of calibration to the system to enable automatic calibration of the system. The inlet system is a single module which fits within the Prima dB enclosure.